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How Can You Not Have a Website Yet?

It’s hard to believe, but as 2017 dawns, a sizeable percentage of small business owners still don’t have websites. Even among those who do, many of their websites are less effective than they could be. Is yours one of them? In a recent Capital One study, just 56 percent of small businesses say they have […]


Adding Email Addresses to a Safe Sender List

Whitelist email addresses from specific senders to prevent communications ending up in your spam folder You can allow emails from specific addresses to reach your inbox without being placed in your junk or spam folder by whitelisting those email addresses and adding them to a safe senders list. Each program has different steps for adding an email […]


Delete Email from iPhone or iPad

1. From Settings: Tap on “Mail, Contacts, Calendars” 2. Tap on email account you want to change 3. Tap on Account email …. 4. Tap on “Advanced” at the bottom 5. Tap on “Deleted Mailbox” under MAILBOX BEHAVIOURS 6. Tap on “Deleted Messages” under ON THE SERVER to make sure having a tick as picture […]


How Can I Blacklist / Block Spam Emails at Horde Webmail?

Login to your webmail account (;  Select SPAM message(s)  Click Other tab  Select Blacklist How to WhiteList Emails You can whitelist email addresses that you want to make sure you receive and do not want them filtered by your spam filter.


How to change Email Outgoing Server Port to MS Outlook

If you can’t send email out it’s because SMTP Server Outgoing port is changed. The following will show you how to change this port to MS Outlook. 1. Click on “File” menu from MS Outlook menu bar on the top Picture 1 2. Click on “Account Setting …” button & “Account Settings ..” dropdown box. […]


How to Create an Email Autoresponder in Webmail

What is an AutoResponder? An autoresponder is a feature within your email settings that allows you to automatically send a response when an email is sent to a specific email address. When should I use an AutoResponder? It’s really up to you when to use the autoresponder feature. Typically, businesses will use the autoresponder feature […]


Why should you keep your site up to date?

WordPress was fast becoming the world’s most popular CMS and taking security very seriously. It was now being used to power sites for organisations like government and media for which security was a serious concern, and that it was now a very secure and stable platform on which to put their small business site. Why […]


Accept Credit Card Payment on website with PayPal

Website Payments Standard. Summary: With Website Payments Standard, you integrate our payment buttons into your website to turn it into an online store. Your customer checks out through the PayPal site, then we return them to your site. How it works: Customers add items to your shopping cart on your website and are taken to […]


Set Up E-mail on an Android Phone

Learn how to set up your business e-mail account (this is example email address, you need to replace with your real business email) on your Android smartphone, allowing you to send and receive e-mails wherever you go. The images used in this guide reflect Android OS 4.4 (KitKat). Step 1 Find and click Email on your Android […]


How To Setup An Imap Email Account On Your Iphone

This tutorial will show you how to setup an IMAP email account on your iPhone. 1) First, locate and press the “Settings” icon. It may be on a different screen or in a different location than shown here. 2) Then select “Mail, Contacts, Calendars”. 3) Select “Add Account”. 4) Then choose “Other”. 5) Press “Add […]


Easily move an email account from one cPanel server to another

Moving an email account (including old emails) from one cPanel server to another is pretty easy to do yourself if you have some knowledge of cPanel and FTP. I will be using the terms OLD SERVER and NEW SERVER a lot in this article. Below are the definitions: OLD SERVER = Server that the email […]


Add your logo to the Payment Review Page to give it a professional look

Change Header of your PayPal Payment Page By default, your PayPal login name, which is your email address, appears at the top of your PayPal payment page. You can change this to be any image that is hosted online, such as your organization’s logo, using the image’s URL. The maximum size of 190 pixels wide by […]